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Hutyra Homes can help you solve any of your home needs – from minor home repairs to major remodels, home additions and construction projects.

Jordan Hutyra, owner of Hutyra Homes, began his career in construction after graduating from Texas A&M University in 2005. Since beginning his career, he’s worked for some of the most prestigious home builders in Texas, most recently having worked for Village Homes of Fort Worth. Throughout his career, Jordan has constructed more than 75 homes from start to finish, remodeled more than 40 homes and purchased about 15 for investment purposes. With an applicable knowledge of all phases of the home purchasing and investment process, Jordan is also a perfect solution for all of your investment consulting needs.

Jordan founded Hutyra Homes in response to what he considers a growing need in the home building and remodeling industry – the need for wise, trustworthy, and punctual contractor services. Hutyra Homes is built on the pillars of integrity, honesty and character – three traits that Jordan holds to the utmost esteem in the construction business.

Aside from these traits, what also makes Hutyra Homes  so unique as a construction firm, is its commitment to personal attention for each and every client relationship.